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Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

itc--atnti-b-10-12-15As swine flu causes concern and speculation across the world we are advised by public health authorities to pay attention to basic hygiene.

There are various estimates with regard to how long the virus can live outside the human body, including some that say it can survive on a hard surface for 24 hours. Telephones and computers are obvious locations.

This is clearly hitting home. Here at IT Care we’re fielding a significant increase in enquiries about the cleaning of office technical equipment and telephones.

Cleaning products used by IT Care now contain an anti-bacterial agent to combat the spread of germs. Germs regularly found in keyboards include:

Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia coli
Salmonelli typhi

We think about hygiene all the time and we’d like to reassure our customers that we use the most effective cleaners and cleaning processes, all designed to reduce cross contamination.

Today, with health and safety high on the agenda, computer cleaning is still in great demand and with hot desking being a feature of many offices, sanitisation of keyboards and telephones is essential in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Cleaning Example

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