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Method Statement

Method statement hygiene cleaning imaeIT CARE LTD METHOD STATEMENT

Purpose of work
The following statement of methodology will cover all elements and procedures for any proposed work to be carried out by IT Care Ltd Operatives.

In view of the current Covid 19 restrictions a variety of methods will be employed in order to Overcome the problems of access to sites. This covers the methodology used for cleaning.

Scope of work
The areas to be cleaned will involve access to each employees desk and IT equipment and any other relevant IT equipment to be cleaned and sterilised on site.

Health & Safety
The following points are applicable to all operatives whilst on site to undertake cleaning operations:

a) Only trained and competent employees IT Care Ltd / Approved Partner may Undertake any cleaning duties.

b) All personnel undertaking cleaning operations will be deemed fit to do so. On a day to day basis it will be the duty of the senior member of staff on site to ascertain the ‘fitness’ of the individual members of his/her working team.

c) Before any works are undertaken all members of staff will sanitise with alcohol based sanitiser and wear the appropriate PPE.

d) Whilst work is in progress the operatives will wear PPE supplied by IT Care. (Gloves and Face masks) at all times. If gloves have to be removed the member of staff shall immediately sanitise.

e) Social distancing rules will be adhered to at all times.

Structure of Working Team
The working team will consist of a minimum of one operative. If there is more than 1 member of staff a senior member of staff will be responsible for the team’s safety and conduct whilst on site.

In addition, the senior member of staff will be responsible for making sure that all members of the team are fully aware and compliant in and implement at all times, all aspects of the companies Health & Safety Policy.

In this respect he / she will assume the role of Company Safety Officer. The senior member of staff will also insure that the standard of work is of a Consistently high standard at all times.

Emergency Procedures
When on site, the operative will be governed by the rules for emergency procedures laid down by the Client / Buildings Management.

In the case of an emergency within the working team, only the working team (unless otherwise requested by a member of the team shall undertake any form of first aid)

All accidents/injuries will be reported following the procedures laid down in the Company Health and Safety guidelines and adhering to all current Legislation.

Exclusion Zones
The Exclusion Zone should be 2 meters between staff and clients where possible following government guidelines

Cautionary measures:
Positioning of equipment
Protection of the public
Wearing of appropriate footwear and PPE
Removal of obstructions

Personal Protective Equipment
Face Masks
Safety Foot wear (if needed)

Screen Clean
Hand sanatiser

Micro Fibre anti-static cloths

Arrival on Site
Report to site manager
Complete site induction if applicable
Proceed to working area and check areas are safe to work
Check equipment is safe and in good working order, reporting and discrepancies
Proceed to work as per method of work

Method of Work – Cleaning PC’s and other relevant IT equipment.
Social Distancing rules to be followed at all times

Scope of Work – Cleaning PC’s
Social Distancing rules to be followed at all times. (2 meters)
PC’s to be shut down and the employees work area to be left clutter free.
Clean all required/requested IT equipment

Upon Completion of Work
Upon completion of each area contact Site Manager and walk job correcting any areas necessary.
Obtain signature on work sheet
Tidy away equipment
Leave areas tidy
Sign out before leaving site
Leave site in a safe and professional manner

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