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itc-benefits-10-12-15Benefits Of A Regular Computer Hygiene Programme

  1. Creating a clean environment helps you protect your staff from sickness.
  2. A Computer Hygiene programme can offer more than a clean environment. Cleaner equipment will give you a healthier office environment, and will not aggravate staff allergies and therefore less absenteeism.
  3. Computer screens attract dust and grease which creates a barrier to perfect vision and is one of the main causes of headaches and eyestrain for frequent users.
  4. Dust And Dirt carry embedded germs and bacteria to your employees especially if using or sharing telephones keyboards, fax machines and photocopiers.
  5. Dust And Dirt finds it’s way into your expensive computer equipment which in turn can cause unique problems for sensitive microchip boards. A regular hygiene programme is one way of stopping costly down time and expensive maintenance bills.
  6. Compliance with EC regulations giving you peace of mind.
  7. Comply with new display screen regulations as laid down by the health & safety executive.
  8. No Need To Invest In expensive self-application cleaners.
  9. Employees Treat clean machines with more respect and have a more productive work attitude.
  10. Computers are delicate pieces of equipment and keeping them clean should be left to fully trained and specialised professionals. IT CARE ‘The Computer Hygiene Specialists’ will always do a more efficient job.

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