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Computer hygiene

Did you know that keyboards can harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat? It’s true, and it’s a serious health hazard, especially in times like pandemics and flu season. You might be wondering “but what to clean a computer keyboard with?”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget: a clean computer is free of pathogenics that might be sending your team home sick!

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Screen disinfection

Bacteria can live on your handset for up to 2 weeks. Nowadays, everything seems to be touchscreen. These screens are tough to clean and are very fragile. So, how should you properly clean these screens? Windex? Clorox wipes? No, these can actually cause hundreds to thousands in damages in your equipment. Let us put our experience to good use and help you out!

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Healthy electronics

Devices running slow? Overheating? We know that feeling, a lot of our clients went through the same. That’s why they hired us! By getting rid of the buildup of dust and dirt that’s responsible for overheating, data corruption, malfunction and vast amounts of down time, we can help you to operate much more efficiently. Remember the old saying, prevention is cheaper than cure.


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