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Computer Cleaning

Keyboards can harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat. Which? said one of the causes of dirty keyboards was eating your desk, encouraging bacteria, computing editor Sarah Kidner advised users to give their PC “a spring clean”. “It could prevent your computer from becoming a health hazard”.  Source BBC.

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Computer Cleaning

Should somebody have a cold or is sick in your office bacteria can live on your handset for up to 2 weeks, you’re very likely to pick it up from a Telephone.

Regular cleaning of your telephones will kill 99.9% of bacteria thus reducing staff sickness.


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By getting rid of the buildup of dust and dirt that’s responsible for overheating, data corruption, malfunction and vast amounts of down time, we can help our customers to operate much more efficiently. Remember the old saying, prevention is cheaper than cure.


What a terrific job was carried out by your cleaners, our IT kit has never looked so good so I can only imagine the amount of unseen bacteria has been cleaned away. This is truly exceptional in our pro-active battle to control the environment to mitigate infection.


Nicola White, Operations Director, Harper Macleod LLP

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