What’s in Computer Cleaning Chemicals?

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There are so many different options for computer cleaning products available these days. It may be difficult to determine what cleaning chemicals are contained in them. Therefore, it is important to have a look at the list on the side of the can or bottle to know exactly what is contained in the product.

The most common chemical used in computer cleaning

If you ever clean your computer using a computer cleaning product, then it is likely that the cleaning chemical contained in it is isopropyl alcohol which is also known as rubbing alcohol. It is the safest type of chemical to use as it can be used anywhere on the machine, including the computer screen. The reason that this cleaning chemical is classed as safe is that it is used to clean all areas of the computer before they are sold.

Cleaning gel

There is a type of cleaning gel which is also referred to as silica gel that can be used. Silica gel is a highly porous form of silica. It is a useful medium to collect the dirt and germs that are often found on office equipment such as keyboards and computer mice. It can help to absorb dust and dirt that can accumulate and become a health hazard to the user as it stagnates over time.

Reusable putty

Some of the more innovative cleaning applications on the market include reusable putty which is biodegradable and more eco friendly to use. It may not yield the best results but it is a fairly good way to remove dirt and grime. It is friendly to hands as it is not hazardous and it even has a nice fragrance to it. This product should be stored away in its original container when no longer in use to protect it.

Spray-based products

Some of the products that are used are in a spray form with an attachment which is designed to help to spray out dirt and debris, especially from keyboards where there are small compact spaces for it to get trapped in. It usually has a multipurpose use which means it can be used on the screens and other parts of the computer. It is also likely to contain isopropyl alcohol, in a foam form.

Can I use hand sanitiser to clean my computer?

It is best to avoid using any products other than approved products so the answer to this question is no. These should also be approved by your employer before you use them on their office equipment. The computer cleaning products should also be stored in a storage cupboard and a member of staff should be responsible for these. 

Homemade and environmentally friendly

The best homemade screen cleaner is composed of distilled water and white vinegar. The idea is to make a mixture of equal parts of distilled water and vinegar and then mix it in a spray bottle. It is ideal for cleaning screens as it does not smear, and it is safer for the environment.

What to avoid

It is best to avoid using any form of soap or water for cleaning office computer equipment. It may cause irreversible damage and be at a cost to the company if the equipment has to be replaced. You may even have to pay for the replacement of the equipment yourself because you have not used approved products. This is a massive inconvenience to a company to have to resolve such an issue.

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