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How long will the estimator take to quote in our premises?

No longer than 10 minutes, our estimators will only be looking at the condition of the equipment, as every office environment is different. They will then gather all the amounts and then send you a full written quotation in the post.

Is this service carried out during normal working hours?

Yes, this way our hygienists are able to work under your jurisdiction, which enables each staff member to turn off their own workstations before they are cleaned without us being privy to any of your company information.

What notice do you give prior to IT Care’s visit?

Our operations department will email you at least two weeks prior to our visit, giving you plenty of time to respond if the date given is unsuitable.

Do The Hygienists Wear A Uniform So We Know Who They Are?

Yes, all our hygienists wear a tabard or t shirt with our logo on so you can identify them in your office.

Do you run background checks on your staff?

Yes, we use the Disclosure Scotland system.

Do you just clean PC’S?

No, our fully trained hygienists cleanse all types of Printers, Fax Machines, Photocopiers, Plotters, Laptops, Scanners and Telephones, we also cleanse Apple Mac’s.

How long will our staff be off their workstations?

Not any longer than 15 minutes, also depending on how dirty they are especially on the first visit.

How are we billed?

IT CARE LTD. always invoice you after each clean, never in advance as amounts change fairly regularly from one visit to the next, we also give you a full 30 days for payment.


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