How Dust Affects Your Computer’s Performance

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Dust is formed from many different particles that come from pollen, bacteria, small bits of dirt, sand and more disturbingly, tiny fragments that come from human and animal skin. It can be difficult to see with the naked eye at first until you run a cloth over something and see how ‘dusty’ it is. The dust can sit there for a while without being noticed. Computers are an ideal surface for dust to sit on due to their smooth surfaces.

A fire hazard.

The problem is caused when that dust becomes a hazard to the internal workings of a computer as it can block the air from freely flowing through it. This can then cause it to act as an insulator which allows a high internal heat. It can even reach such a high heat that it can cause a fire!

An internal computer problem.

Dust can get into the internal circuit boards and circuits, and it can cause computers to crash and become a real risk in the office environment if they are to overheat. Therefore, it is prudent to make sure that the office environment is kept as clean as possible and that all surface dust is removed as much as possible to avoid it moving any further. Dust will inevitably travel around in the air although the volume at which it can travel and get into the computer systems should be minimised.

Computer performance issues

The dust that has accumulated internally can cause the internal components to slow right down as they try to cool down. You will want to speed up your computer capacity as soon as possible. The computer could shut down completely and data will be lost if the computer cannot effectively be re-started. Therefore, it is really important to back up all data if you start to experience these types of issues with your office computers. It could be a sign that there is a deeper issue going on and the computer’s components could be worn out to the point that they are not going to last much longer. Their lifespan is likely to be cut short and they could burn out.

Employ a cleaner. 

You can avoid having to deal with these issues by keeping on top of the daily cleaning schedule for the office by employing a regular cleaner to help. You will need to ensure that they are using the correct cleaning products for the office environment. You can encourage employees to help to keep on top of the daily dust by providing dry micro fibre cloths that can be used to wipe down computer equipment at the end of each working day. They can also be encouraged to avoid eating at their desks as this can increase the level of dust and debris that accumulates on or near the desks. There should be a concerted effort to maintain a hygienic workspace.

A decent hoover and a duster for the dust.

The cleaner can be encouraged to use an efficient office hoover to minimise the dust in the office environment. The air filters in the hoover should be regularly changed. Dusting from top to bottom also helps to stop dust from re-settling onto surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Install some air purifiers.

Air purifiers installed in the office can also help to reduce the level of dust although these are costly to install and will need to be maintained. Dust tends to hide in all the places such as corners of the room, furniture and especially carpets. It is best to maintain the surfaces so that they are clean and as dust free as possible.

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